Five 2 Nine


Name to incorporate in the logo: Five 2 Nine.

Slogan to incorporate in the logo:
The Charred Oak.

We are a start up online travel magazine – think the aesthetic of Travel&Leisure with the content edge of Vice. Tattooed guys in custom tailored suits. Vintage motorcycles. Hunting. Fishing. Exploring the world and filming, photographing, and writing for everyone else to enjoy… From Travel to Politics to Deep Sea Fishing. Our first project is going to be traveling to three different festivals in Spain, filming it and making a TV show…

Think of a tattooed 30 year old man in a $5000 dollar suit, who owns his own business, and made his own money, and answers to nobody, but has incredible style. that is our audience. We are open to anything at this point. We want it to be simple but stunning and classy. With a worldly feel.