Logo Design

What makes a great logo design?

A great logo won’t determine whether your business sinks or swims; but it will certainly provide a fantastic springboard. A logo gives the outside a world an instant visual impression of your brand; a good one is worth a thousand words, and plenty more besides.

It’s not easy conjuring an image that captures your vision and emphasizes your company’s strengths. Every entrepreneur has a picture in their own head of what their company stands for, but how does one commit this picture to paper? This question has baffled entrepreneurs since ancient times when Romans and Egyptians daubed adverts onto walls and posters. To help you turn the image in your head into a commercial reality, we asked our designers what exactly makes a great logo. As a result, they came up with seven different answers, each of which is equally valid. When you’re designing your logo, you may wish to use these ‘magnificent seven’ characteristics as a checklist, to measure the potency and viability of your image:

1. It is unique
2. It can be described
3. It suits your purpose
4. It suits your target audience
5. It works across your target media
6. It reflects your offering
7. It defines your key characteristics

Think about your company’s mission statement – what are your core values? What do you want your business to achieve? Think about your achievements so far, and your key strengths. Each of these core features and attributes make up your company’s DNA, and should play a crucial role in shaping your logo.

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and many more!

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