Name to incorporate in the logo: AngelMD.

Description of the organization and its target audience:
We are a crowdfunding platform that connects medical startups with physicians and investors. We are scientific. Data driven. Medical. All about strong financial returns.

Our logo must appeal to physician investors. It should seem smart. Our investors are doctors and they love data and science.

We’d like a logo to include this handling of AngelMD but adding a better mark that is simple, clear and smart. We’ve loaded other symbols that are standard in science or medicine. The iMedExchange logo was smart because the designer used some symbolic language….the triangle stands for “delta” or change which doctors would know. That kind of smart use of symbols is what we are striving for. Not gimmicky….but a sharp logo/mark that a doctor would look at for a second and say “I get that. Clever.” Other key themes to what we do: “connection” and “connectivity”.