The Emporium


Name to incorporate in the logo: The Emporium.

Slogan to incorporate in the logo:
Marvelous Makers of Magic.

Description of the organization and its target audience:
The Emporium is an online retailer selling handmade and custom wands based in Los Angeles, California. However we aim to enlarge our portfolio to other wizarding goods such as spellbook notebooks, brooms and robes. With that in mind we wanted a brand new logo as we expand!

We’re catering to those who are fans of the Potterverse / JK Rowling’s wizarding world so the style of the logo should seemingly belong there.

We are looking for a style that’s somewhat fantasy, historical, steampunk and old world with a slight modern quirk for the logo design. The examples we’ve attached as inspiration are all somewhat inspired by 1920s illustrative style and that’s really what we wanted to go with in the logo. I’ve added some logo from the potterverse as well as packaging design for inspiration below.

We don’t really have a solid plan for the logo only that we wanted it to be illustrated with magical artifacts ranging from wands, spellbooks, crystal balls etc – any of those elements or what you can think of!