JaC Of All Trades


Name to incorporate in the logo:
JaC Of All Trades.

Slogan to incorporate in the logo:
Classy All Lassy Handywoman Service.

Description of the organization and its target audience:
I know you cannot copy the girl I have sent in pic but if we could have something as similar as possible in logo that would be amazing. I would like to change the “Jacq” part to “JaC” as in capital J small a capital C. I would like pink in girls hair and the writing to be as feminine as possible with tools like lawn mowers and painting equipment to be in logo. As you will see I would like to keep the “classy all classy handywoman service” also it to be within a circle. I would like ” For jobs that are Big, tricky or small just give Jacqui or Cate a call”. We are as I have said an all female trade and handywoman service and we would like to project that.